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Compact Track Loaders | Maintenance Tips

A common issue for construction contractors is the growing pressure to do more work in less time. How can you keep up when your business is growing, projects are becoming more complex, restrictions are increasing, and schedules are tightening? One of the best solutions is a powerful machine and correct maintenance. Compact Track Loaders are excellent for jobsites because they have a diverse range of capabilities. Follow these maintenance tips to keep your Compact Track Loader in optimal working condition.

These pre-purchase considerations will make future maintenance easier:

  • Diagnostics and Monitoring Capabilities – Advanced compact loaders have a color LCD display with video support, allowing operators to quickly and easily monitor machine systems.
  • Location of Maintenance Check Components – Take into account the location of components such as the engine air filter, battery, engine oil dipstick, engine oil filter, electric priming fuel filter and water separator, and hydraulic oil filter. All of these should be easily accessible without the use of tools.

Today’s technology helps extend and optimize service intervals, and there are a lot of required maintenance tasks that are no longer necessary with advanced machine components. For example, standard maintenance-free batteries eliminate the need to maintain battery fluid levels. You can also search for manufacturers that offer maintenance kits bundled with machine purchases.

Proper fuel system maintenance is another important factor. Look for these features when selecting Compact Track Loaders:

  • Transparent fuel water separator housings for daily visual inspections
  • Electronic sensors on the fuel water separator
  • Tubes connected to the bottom of the fuel water separator so you can easily drain when needed
  • Automatic electric priming pumps


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