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Cost Management and Maintenance Tips For Track Loader Undercarriages

Compact track loaders and multi terrain loaders are invaluable machines, but many operators are concerned with the costs associated with maintaining and servicing track loader undercarriages. The good news is that you can cut these costs with proper maintenance and operation. Extend the life of your machine’s undercarriage by following these steps:

  • Make more gradual 3-point turns
  • Move up and down a slope rather than across it
  • Properly train your operators on different track machines
  • Avoid loose tracks or overly tight tracks, which can increase wear
  • Clean the undercarriage daily

Application, underfoot conditions, and hours of operation are uncontrollable costs that operators should be wary of. The type of job and the amount of hours the project demands will greatly affect your machines. Excavation and dozing tend to be harder on tracks, and abrasive underfoot materials result in faster wear. Choosing the right tracks based on application and terrain will help you manage costs. If you are operating a machine more than 500 hours per year, it may be beneficial to invest in the most durable tracks available. In any case, it is vital to match the tracks with the machine and undercarriage so all the components work as one.

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