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Factory-Integrated Grade Control Technology Announced

A Cat® Connect Grade Control Technology known as Cat Grade Control Depth and Slope now comes as standard equipment on Cat 323F Hydraulic Excavators that are sold in North America and have the 9.5-foot stick and standard boom reach. This factory-installed improvement helps operators:

  • Achieve consistent depth and slope grades with efficiency and accuracy
  • Finish work faster with fewer passes
  • Increase fuel savings by up to 6%
  • Reduce expenses for grade-staking and checkers
  • Realize productivity increases of up to 35%

The technology is optimized to work on Cat machines as a system, delivering reliable performance. Built-in sensors and components can lower the risk of damage or theft to protect your investment and increase the machine's resale value. Features of the Cat Grade Control Depth and Slope include:

  • Integrated joystick
  • Simple, easy-interaction display
  • Audible warning indicators for bucket position
  • Height and depth limit alerts that can be pre-defined

In addition, operators can use the Cat Grade Control benchmarking system, making the system easy to use. The Cat® AccuGrade™ system is an easy upgrade that helps you get exact results on complicated designs.

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