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Hawthorne Cat Technician, Gene Mendes, on Working in Hawaii

Think you might like the daily challenges of being a Hawthorne Cat technician? There's a great thing about Hawthorne Cat jobs – you feel like you're working for something bigger, and earning good pay and benefits while living any place in the world…like paradise.

Just ask Gene Mendes, a Cat® EPG Service Technician who works for Hawthorne Cat in Hilo, Hawaii. While the stunning, natural beauty of Hawaii makes it a holiday haven, it also presents some major logistical challenges. As a Cat dealer technician, Gene plays a key role in maintaining the infrastructure that supports the community. Hawthorne Cat dealer tech jobs like Gene's require working with your hands and paying attention to the smallest details, as well as safety and in Gene's case, knowing as much as an engineer about electronic circuitry.

Think you have what it takes to be a Cat dealer technician? Check out and apply today! You can also see Gene's full story here.

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