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How Cat Innovation Improves Fuel Efficiency

The Caterpillar team is always at work, constantly looking for ways to make our products more powerful, durable, and fuel-efficient. Here are a few fuel efficiency innovations we’re integrating across our product line.

  • Power-Dense Engines increase machine performance in a lighter-weight package, cutting fuel burn and reducing emissions.
  • Automatic Engine Idle Shutdown turns off the engine during idle periods, eliminating unnecessary excess usage.
  • Economy Mode allows you to run your machine at a lower output, reducing maximum engine speed and decreasing fuel consumption up to 6%.
  • Load-Sensing Hydraulics automatically reduce heat generation and redirect the flow of fuel based on operating conditions.
  • Energy Recovery Systems store and capture excess hydraulic energy for later use, reducing fuel burn without affecting performance.
  • Electro-Hydraulic Joystick Controls are designed to be quick and intuitive, increasing work efficiency and decreasing overall fuel usage.
  • Productivity and Equipment Management Systems give you streamlined data, allowing you to record performance, measure progress, and achieve your business goals.

Download the free brochure for more information on Hawthorne Cat’s fuel-efficient innovations.

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