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Idle Time Costs Add Up Fast

Do you know what percentage of time your team is doing productive work and how much idle time costs? Industry experts have said that idle time can represent up to 50% of total running time. And the unproductive hours for a machine that operates 2,000 hours a year can translate into one gallon or more of wasted fuel every hour!

Excessive idling drives up fuel costs over time, and it doesn't end with fuel costs. Nonproductive time can threaten component life, speed up wear on Tier 4 technologies, cause unneeded fluid/filter changes, eat up warranty hours and diminish the resale value of your equipment.*

6 Tips for Limiting Idle Time

  1. Limit idle time when you shut off the machine. 2 minutes for older engines and virtually none for newer models.
  2. Waiting more than 5 minutes? Turn off the truck.
  3. Warm up in the morning for just 3 - 5 minutes.
  4. Use automatic shutdown if it's available.
  5. Turn off machines when not in use, such as during breaks and lunchtime.
  6. Think ahead about where other equipment will need to go and position the inactive machine out of the way. Put together and implement a data-driven anti-idling campaign with the help of your Cat® dealer, and reduce your idle time costs. 

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