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Monitor and Manage Fuel Efficiency with New Technology

Regardless of the size of your business, fuel consumption is a major owning and operating cost. Fortunately, new advancements in technology allow you to better monitor and manage your machine’s fuel efficiency. This helps you understand your total costs, bid on jobs more accurately, and maximize profits.

The operating display systems in machine cabs are vital tools. Most new models feature advanced secondary display systems with multiple applications that provide detailed information for tracking fuel consumption, such as:

  • Lifetime fuel burn shows the machine’s average gallon-per-hour fuel burn.
  • Time until empty calculates how long the machine can run before a refuel is needed.
  • Current fuel displays real-time calculations of per-hour fuel usage during operation.
  • Resettable job clock lets the operator track machine time and fuel usage for a specific job. You can track the amount of fuel you used each hour in one job, and then reset it when starting a new task.

New machine integration technology tracks and reports fuel consumption and system diagnostics. Operators can check for usage patterns by machine, date, and time. This data can be used to adjust operating procedures or identify areas that need improvement. Idle time is also a significant factor in fuel costs, burning up to .7 gallons of fuel per hour of idle time. Today’s advanced machines are engineered with an auto idle shutdown feature that sends the operator a warning and shuts down the engine after a set period of time.

While machine technology greatly improves fuel management, operator behavior also plays a critical role. Operator training should be a priority so that your team is as efficient and knowledgeable as possible.

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