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New Hand and Foot Controls for D Series Loaders

Hand and Foot Controls are now offered on Cat Skid Steer, Multi Terrain, and Compact Track Loader models for the first time. Users can quickly adapt the new set of controls and take advantage of all the features and benefits offered by the Cat D Series.

The smart joystick design features a single-axis that provides smooth movement and the same resistance and feel that operators are used to. The shorter joystick positions the user over the armrests for increased comfort and less fatigue. There’s a durable center step that grants easy entry and exit and traction dimples that ensure firm footing. The adjustable recessed foot pedals are ergonomically designed for the most comfortable operating angle.

Cat hand and foot controls are also fully customizable. There are multiple modes to modify the drive to meet operator preferences or task requirements.

Caterpillar will continue to offer the previous “one-hand drive” joystick format. The new Hand and Foot Controls are one of three options offered on the Cat D Series models.

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