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Patriot General Engineering, Inc. | Hawthorne Rentals Customer Spotlight

Improving Profitability, Leveraging Hawthorne Rentals to Optimize Fleet Utilization

Patriot General Engineering, Inc., a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) and general engineering contractor, specializes in short-term utility construction projects. Based out of Lakeside, CA, the company is signatory with the IBEW Union and works primarily with customers like San Diego Gas & Electric, and Southern California Edison.

Patriot General Engineering’s current equipment inventory includes 2 Cat® motor graders, 3 Cat backhoes, 3 Cat skid steer loaders, and a Cat D4 and D6 dozer all purchased from Hawthorne Cat. For short-term projects, PGE sources additional equipment from Hawthorne Rentals to optimize fleet utilization and increase profit. PGE has several machines on rent from Hawthorne Rentals, including a Cat D6 dozer, Cat skid steer loader and a Cat backhoe loader.

“If the duration is long-term, where we can clearly see that a machine will basically pay for itself, then we make the decision to buy and pay off most of that unit on one or two long-term jobs,” Garcia says. “On the flip side, when we are quickly moving from job to job we are very happy to work with Hawthorne Rentals to take care of our rental equipment needs.”

Garcia continues, “No matter what our needs, one thing is always a constant, and that is the fact that Hawthorne Rentals is the company we rely on for 95 percent of our rental requirements. They even take the time to let us know when we have had a machine on rent for an extended period of time and feel that purchasing the machine may be in our best interest. They are always looking out for our bottom line.”

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