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Reduce 4 Risks with Good Equipment Management

Day-to-day risk comes with the construction business. Here are four ways good equipment management can help reduce the effects of some the risks.

  1. Delays Due to Weather. Be prepared for weather-related delays. Equipment data can tell you exactly where your equipment is located at any time, so you can rapidly respond and recover.
  2. Equipment Breakdowns. Avoid major machine failures by staying on top of preventive maintenance. Machine data and electronic alerts bring problems to your attention before they cause bigger issues.
  3. Cash-Flow Squeeze. Good equipment management helps you avoid the additional costs incurred for major repairs and early equipment replacement. Take advantage of the opportunity to maximize uptime and increase machine life while conserving cash.
  4. Penalties for Overtime. The loss of a machine is second only to the weather in causing schedule delays. You're in a better position to reallocate or rent equipment – and get that completion bonus – when you have a good equipment management database to guide you.

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