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A Remote Cooling System Gives Your Genset the Airflow it Needs

Cat® gas and diesel generator sets require proper ventilation to maintain the optimum temperature needed to operate efficiently. Caterpillar's Paul Pawelski explains the importance of having proper airflow for your standby power in his blog, "Let Your Generator Set Breathe with a Remote Cooling System."  Standby generator sets must have constant airflow to prevent overheating. "Unless there is constant airflow through the room, the temperature will keep getting hotter. Under these conditions, the insulation on the generator windings, the torsional damper on the front of the engine, and the electronic components will eventually begin to fail."

Most gensets are equipped with radiators that regulate temperature, but some gensets require remote cooling systems. Remote cooling systems can contain noise to just one side of the building. Remote cooling systems are the best choice if having a large air inlet on one side of the building is impractical or your generator set is located in the basement.

Additionally, Paul recommends routing the inlet air to enter the room low to the ground, near the back of the generator set to achieve proper airflow. You can also install a forced air duct system or air curtain to push cool air out of the floor vents. An exhaust opening should also be located above your generator set. 

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