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Save Time with the New My.Cat.Com

With the latest My.Cat.Com updates, accessing information about your entire fleet is faster and easier than ever. Less scrolling and fewer clicks means finding more of what you’re looking for, saving you time and money. Get the most out of your My.Cat.Com experience with these six updates:

1. Asset Views that Suit Your Operation

If your fleet has many assets, scrolling through pages of data could take you hours. With list view, you can now scan key data about larger groups of machines – up to 100 at a time – all on one screen. If you don’t have as many assets, card view makes it easier to find information about a specific asset quickly. Card view allows you to see nine or more cards of data at a time.

2. More Information at a Glance

In list view, the redesigned Assets page now shows more data per screen. Images located on the left side of the screen make it easier to scan a page for a particular machine and it’s data. Search, filters, download, and toggle view page controls are now located in one convenient area at the top right corner of the page.

3. Quickly Access “Action Is Needed” Data

Actionable information — hours, location, health, next service, tasks, and more — is all located on one screen. Red, yellow, green, and blue color coding next to the image and in the health column alerts you to machines that need immediate attention or monitoring.

4. Tips on Using Different Tools

Tool tips, available on most fields, explain how to use or get more from certain My.Cat.Com features. Hover over fields to see key insights on how to get the most out of your machines.

5. Request a Service or Buy Parts

In list view, if your machine has a health alert or service due simply click the Actions tab to access “Schedule Service” or “Buy Parts” buttons and keep your machines running at maximum performance. In card view, you can hover over an asset’s card to see the “Schedule Service” and “Buy Parts” functions.

6. Move Between Assets with Ease

Looking to compare machines? New functionality on the Asset Details page allows you to search and toggle between different assets without going back to the main Assets page each time. To return to the previous page, you can click the “Back to…” button located above the machine name.

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