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Sneak Peek at the New Tier 4 Cat Articulated Trucks

Caterpillar recently redesigned its articulated trucks to meet Tier 4 emissions requirements. The new more powerful and fuel efficient trucks will be introduced beginning in January 2014.

According to the article, "Cat Rolls Out Tier 4 Final Arctic Trucks" by Therese Dunphy, the new 30-ton 730C features a C-13 engine and 16 percent more power along with 41 percent more torque, and a power-to-weight improvement of up to 14 percent. Together, the added improvements improve fuel efficiency up to 6 percent. The new 735 C now has a C-9 engine that provides up to 5 percent more power, up to 21 percent more torque, and an increase in power-to-weight of up to 4.1 percent. 

Exterior enhancements like redesigned headlights were also added to the new trucks for improved on-site lighting. Additional features include structure improvements, harder body material to increase wear life, added comfort and technology in the cab to name a few.

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