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Telematics Data | Save Time, Money, and Fuel

Utilizing telematics data in your equipment management process is a great way to increase efficiency, boost productivity, and cut down fuel usage, and more. Here are a few ways that telematics can benefit you and your fleet:

  • Cut fuel costs. If your fuel consumption suddenly increases and your task hasn’t changed, it means something needs attention. Use machine data to identify appropriate repairs or maintenance improvements, manage idle time, and reduce machine output.
  • Improve bidding accuracy. Fuel data gives you an exact measure of a machine’s performance. A more accurate analysis of your machine can help you make your bids closer and more competitive.
  • Prevent theft. Telematics utilize geo-fencing capabilities that alert you when equipment is moved outside of a pre-determined range. Some systems also feature an emergency mode that sends out alerts if the power is cut or machine movement is irregular.
  • Optimize maintenance. You can go through the historical data record to diagnose maintenance issues more efficiently. The systems also feature GPS mapping systems so that field technicians can find the machine quickly, saving you a drastic amount of time and money.
  • Enhance asset utilization. Identify underutilized assets and determine if machines can be put to work on other projects. Precise machine data also helps you forecast future equipment needs and plan the resale of underutilized machines.

It’s critical to set goals and measure progress in order to make the most of your telematics data stream. When you harness the power of data to improve operations, even small gains have big returns. A 1% change in productivity, availability, operating costs, or utilization can result in a 3% impact on profit.

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