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Why Microgrids Are Ideal for Powering Remote Locations

Microgrids are interconnected loads and generation sources that act together as a single entity to power remote locations. They are typically used on sites without access to larger power grids, such as telecommunication towers, remote villages, resorts, islands, and mine sites. The microgrid concept is not new, but technological advancements and affordable renewable energy solutions have made them a more practical option.

Improved Design | Microgrids traditionally rely on engine or turbine-driven generator sets, which can be expensive and heavily dependent on fossil fuels. A recent reduction in technology cost makes microgrids more economical compared to traditional generation methods. Modern microgrids combine renewable solutions, energy storage, and new control technologies to produce a dependable, clean, and affordable power source.

Energy Storage | Energy storage creates a power source that can be dispatched instantly, stabilizing the fluctuations seen in most power output systems. It can also provide a “time-shifting” function that captures excess energy and supplies it back at a later time. These new features enable savings in both fuel and maintenance costs.

Cat® Microgrid Technology | Cat Microgrid technologies launched in May 2016 and can be purchased as complete sets or design-to-order solutions. Units range from 10 kW to 100MW, allowing for customized systems to suit a variety of power needs. Units can include any combination of the following:

  • Thin-film solar modules to capture more energy in harsh conditions
  • Ultracapacitors, lithium-ion and rechargeable metal-air technologies that provide the most advanced energy storage solutions
  • Cat generator sets for high power density and increased capacity
  • The Cat Microgrid Master Controller to monitor and optimize power usage


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