Compaction Equipment

From rammers and compaction plates to trench and smooth drum rollers, a full range of compaction equipment delivers optimum compactive force in a variety of material types to suit a range of production requirements.

Plate Compactors

Designed for compaction in confined areas of granular soil in narrow trenches. These plates are ideal for curbs, gutters, around tanks, forms, columns, footings, guard railings, drainage ditches, gas and sewer works and building construction.



With the versatility to reach confined areas, rammers are used on virtually every job site for compacting cohesive and mixed soils. Rugged and powerful, rammers are available in a variety of impact forces and shoe widths to match your application.


Ride-On Rollers

Ride-On rollers are used for a variety of applications including base preparation, gravel compaction, and asphalt paving. Most models have excellent maneuverability in confined areas providing minimal clearance against walls and curbs.


Walk-Behind Rollers

Walk-behind rollers are capable of performing a wide range of soil and asphalt compaction applications. The compact design allows for tight side clearance on both sides of the roller. Hydrostatic drive eliminates mechanical components providing for less maintenance and greater reliability.