S-50 Pin Grabber 8 Ton Mini Excavators

S-50 Pin Grabber S Type Coupler For 8 Ton Mini Excavators

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The S Type Coupler is a pin grabber style dedicated coupler. It ensures an exchangeability of tools within a fleet of machines with different platforms. Consistent tight fit to attachment, low offset, and reliability are the key features.Cat® S Type Couplers for Mini Excavators are an optimal design for a dedicated quick coupler solution. Low offset, pin grabber ability, and a wedge type locking system ensures a tight fit, no attachment play during use. It also creates the solution to exchange work tools among different platforms and brands. In combination with the Tilt Rotate System that can be equipped with an S Type Coupler and the variety of different buckets offered, it provides a complete attachment solution for Mini Excavators. The coupler is designed with the highest safety standards and comes with a visible locking mechanism.

Hydraulic Cylinder Lock

Hydraulic cylinder lock maintains positive pressure on bucket pin, ensuring a consistent and reliable connection to your attachment.

Locking Indicator

The visual verification rod allows the operator to visibly confirm, from the cab, that the coupler has successfully locked the attachment into place properly.

Lifting Hook

Integrated lifting hook allows the operator to switch tasks to lifting without changing tools or coupler.

Low Profile/Build Height

Low build height quick coupler with minimal offset results in minimal break out force reduction.

Protected Components

All components integrated inside the coupler housing and protected against contaminants and potential force impact.

Wedge Type Locking Mechanism

Wedge type locking mechanism minimizes impact loading into the hydraulic cylinder.

  • Specs



Long Name:
S-50 Pin Grabber S Type Coupler For 8 Ton Mini Excavators
S-50 Pin Grabber 8 Ton Mini Excavators
196.9 lb / 89.3 kg
Lifting Hook Capacity
6613.9 lb / 3000 kg
13.5 in / 342.5 mm
Overall Length
24.8 in / 630 mm
Overall Height
12.5 in / 318 mm
Pin Diameter
2 in / 50 mm
Machine Class
8 Ton Mini Excavators
Interface Type
Pin On
Required Hydraulics
Dedicated Factory Installed
Maximum Operating Pressure
5076.3 psi / 350 bar
Coupler Type
S-50 Pin Grabber