New | 7.4m (9.7)yd Extreme Duty bucket for the 6015B Hyd Mining Shovel

Cat Extreme Duty buckets have the Extreme Duty wear package, shown here in gray, it gives complete guarding with hardened plates on the interior and exterior of the bucket. Additionally the XD buckets come standard with CapSure cutting edge segments and side bar protectors.

Material Density3034 lb/yd³
Outer Width106 in
Inner Width90 in
Weight19039 lb
Liner PackageExtreme Duty
Capacity9.7 yd³

A Full Line Of Buckets Is Matched Perfectly For The 6015b Machine With Buckets Made For Materials Ranging From Coal To Heavy Rock.

Pass Matched To Cat And Unit Rig Trucks For An Efficient System At Your Site.

6015b Buckets Are Fully Supported By Cat With A Variety Of C70 Hammerless Get Options.

Cat Severe Duty Buckets Have Our Severe Duty Wear Package With Replaceable Internal And External Wear Bars Available As A Kit Or Individually. Full Lip Shrouds Are Included With The Bucket.






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