New | WP and SA Enclosures D40-2LC to D60-4LC

Weather Protective and Sound Attenuated Enclosures

Weights and Dimensions
Length1972 mm - 2503 mm Package Lengths
Width1075 mm
Weight80 kg - 137 kg Packaged Weights
Height1378 mm to 2241 mm Packaged Heights

  • single Side Access For Service And Controls
  • over Head Door With Lift Assist Strut On Service Side
  • all Non-Service Sides Have Removable Doors And/Or Panels
  • radiator Fill Access
  • Lube Oil And Coolant Drains Piped To The Exterior Of The Enclosure Base
  • large Cable Entry Area For Installation Ease

  • these Enclosures Are Of Extremely Rugged Construction To Withstand Outdoor Exposure And Rough Handling Common On Many Construction Sites
  • This Range Of Enclosures Are Designed On Modular Principles Which Will Aid On Site Repair

  • lockable Access Doors Which Give Full Access To Control Panel And Breaker
  • cooling Fan And Battery Charging Alternator Fully Guarded
  • Fuel Fill, Oil Fill, And Battery Can Only Be Reached Via Lockable Access
  • stub-Up Area Is Rodent Proof
  • externally Mounted Emergency Stop Button

  • weather Protective Enclosure
  • sound Attenuated Enclosure – Weather Protective With Critical Silencer
  • cat Yellow Or White Paint
  • Ul Listed Fuel Tanks



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