New | CB68 Vibratory Asphalt Compactors

The CB68B is a 14 metric ton vibratory compactor equipped with 2130 mm (84”) drums. This high production model delivers excellent mat density, good visibility and comfort, fuel efficiency with Eco-mode, and an industry leading water spray system. This model can be equipped with Cat Compaction Control that provides temperature mapping and pass-count mapping as well as "Machine to Machine" communication for more efficient performance.

Standard - Operating Weight31162 lb
Static Linear Load184 lb/in
Maximum Operating Weight34789 lb
Operating Specifications
Standard Compaction Width84 in
Curb Clearance28 in
Ground Clearance11.5 in
Maximum Compaction Width92 in
Drum Offset6 in
Travel Speeds
Low4.5 mile/h
High8 mile/h
Gross Power142 HP
Engine ModelC4.4 with ACERT
Overall Length15.5 ft
Wheel Base11.3 ft
Overall Width92 in
Height - With ROPS/FOPS10 ft
Drum Width84 in
Vibratory System
Maximum Frequency3800 V/m
Centrifugal Force per Drum - Maximum31069 lb
Minimum Amplitude0.012 in
Maximum Amplitude0.041 in
Centrifugal Force per Drum - Minimum16950 lb
Minimum Frequency2520 V/m
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity66 gal (US)
Water Spray Tank Capacity264 gal (US)

Comfortable Operating Environment

The machine controls and LCD display are integrated with the pivoting adjustable seat, and move with the operator. Seating options include vinyl for open-platform configurations and cloth for cab, both can be equipped with a heated option. An optional deluxe highback air-ride seat is also available. Other comfort features include a vibration-absorbing floor mat, 12-volt power receptacle that supports communication devices, wide-width seat belt, cup holders and a lockable storage compartment.

Fingertip Control

The multi-function propel lever with integrated controls for water spray on/off, drum offset, vibratory control, and optional edge cutter height adjustment enables the operator to work with confidence.

LCD Display

The back-lit LCD display includes machine data and diagnostics. It is integrated with the seat, so it remains in same position even as the seat pivots. A built-in lockable anti-vandalism cover offers protection. The display provides multiple language options, split-screen capability, and indicators for ground speed, vibrations per minute, and fuel level.

Convenient Console

The console is integrated with the seat, providing fingertip access. Soft keys with tactile feel provide instant feedback to the operator for intuitive operation. The armrests are adjustable and can be tailored to the operator for additional comfort.

Performance Features

The vibratory systems offer multiple options that help fine-tune performance on thick challenging lifts. The automatic speed control feature makes it easier to maintain consistency and impact spacing requirements. Also, an auto vibe function helps prevent over-compaction and contributes to uniformity.

2-Amplitude, 2 Frequency Vibratory System

The 2-amplitude, 2-frequency vibratory system can easily be tailored to thick and thin lifts with the flip of a single switch.

Five Amplitude Vibratory System

The five amplitude system is a heavy hitter for thick lifts and tough mix designs. It utilizes a single frequency and five amplitudes that can easily be fine-tuned to match application requirements.

Versa Vibe Vibratory System

The Versa Vibe System creates two machines in one by providing two settings for lighter hitting and higher working speeds on thin lifts and two settings for heavier hitting, and slower speeds, on thick lifts. The four amplitudes, two frequencies can be easily adjusted for breakdown, intermediate, and finish capabilities.

Temperature Sensors

Dual infra-red sensors mounted on the front and rear of the machine deliver real-time readings that keep the operator informed of when to begin rolling and when to stop. This system helps operators avoid tender-zones that often occur in the 104º-110º C (219º-230º F) temperature range.

Pass-Count Mapping

Pass-count mapping helps operators achieve target density and increase roller efficiency. The system records and monitors pass patterns in order to display coverage. The system also helps operators optimize drum overlap, simplify nighttime operation, eliminate second guessing and prevent incomplete passes such as stopping short.

Temperature Mapping

Temperature mapping provides a visual readout of mat temperature in order to keep the machine in the proper temperature range. The system records and monitors temperature for future analysis of the proper temperature range.

Compaction Meter Value

Compaction Meter Value (CMV) technology utilizes a drum mounted accelerometer to measure and record forces of the vibrating drum.

Machine to Machine Communication

Machine to Machine communication helps improve job site efficiency by enabling operators to view rolling patterns of other machines on the job site. It helps operators pickup where other compactors left off in their rolling pattern. The system is also a difference maker in nighttime operation due to the difficulties associated with low light conditions.

Cat C4.4 Engine

The C4.4 engine provides 106 kW (142 hp) of power and meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IV emission standards. It features an electronic control module (ECM), providing optimal performance through precisely synchronized timing and fuel delivery. The ECM enables advanced troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities using Electronic Technician (Cat ET). Cat dealers are the single-source providers of all machine and engine warranty service (a Cat exclusive).

High Capacity Cooling System

The large capacity cooling system keeps the operating temperatures low, even in extreme conditions. The system directs warm air away from the operator for a more comfortable operating environment.

Optional Equipment

2-Amplitude, 2-Frequency Vibratory System
360 Degree Rotating Seat
Accelerometer Ready Kit
Air Conditioning
Air Suspension Seat w/Heat
Bio-Degradeable Oil
Cat Compaction Control
Drum Covers
Edge Cutter
Freeze Protection Kit
Halogen Lights w/Drum Edge Lights
Heated Seat
High Intensity Discharge Lights
Offset Hitch
Premium Water Spray Nozzles
Product Link
Recording Module - cab only
Roading Lights
Temperature Indicator
Versa Vibe™ Vibratory System
Warning Beacon
Water Distribution Mats






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