New | CG260-16 Gas Generator Set

From natural gas-fueled combined heat and power (CHP) systems and emergency power for facilities, to renewable biogas energy to support the local grid, or electricity generated from coal mine gases, Caterpillar has a wide range of reliable gas power solutions.

Generator Sets Specification
Maximum Continuous Rating4000 ekW
Generator Set Specifications
Fuel TypeNatural Gas, Biogas, Coal Gas, Associated Gas, Synthesis Gas
Generator Sets Specifications
Maximum Electrical Efficiency44.6%
Maximum Standby Rating4500 ekW
Frequency60 Hz
RPM900 rpm
Engine Specifications
Engine ModelCG260-16
Displacement16586 in³
Bore10.2 in
Stroke12.6 in
Generator Set Dimensions
Length371 in
Width110 in
Height133 in
Dry Weight - Genset117505 lb



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With only a few days notice, we were able to get the emergency system working properly. Hawthorne Cat provided great leadership and excellent field support.
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