New | C175-16 Propulsion Engine

The C175-16 is the first Cat marine engine with core ACERTTM Technology, designed and built from the ground up. This offers maximum performance along with EPA Marine Tier 3 and IMO Tier II emissions compliance with no aftertreatment. With unrestricted continuous and heavy-duty ratings, you get morepower with plenty of room for growth, so you maximize productivity while minimizing cost of ownership. With a bore of 175 mm (6.9 in) and a stroke of 220 mm (8.66 in), the C175-16 is highly efficient while providing increased propulsion output in a high speed engine platform. Additional features include: Turbocharged and aftercooled aspiration, MCS approved monitoring, alarm, and protection system. Cross-flow head design, simplified electrical system. The C175-16 is backed by a Caterpillar warranty and the best service network in the industry. The global Cat dealer network means customers can count on the service and support they need for their marine engines no matter where their vessel is located.

Power Rating
Power Range2683-3420 bhp (2001-2550 bkW)
Engine Specifications
Speed Range1600-1800 rpm
EmissionsIMO II
Bore6.88 in
Stroke8.66 in
Displacement5166.88 in³
Rotation from Flywheel EndCounterclockwise
ConfigurationVee 16, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel
Dimensions & Weights
Dry Weight28750 lb
Height97.6 in
Length177.8 in
Width72.6 in

Designed And Sized To Allow For Greater Power Output In The Future. Thermo-Laminated Heat Shields Save Time And Money During Service

Wide Range Of Available Power Ratings, Compliant With No Aftertreatment Required, Cat® Durability

Epa Marine Tier 3/Imo Tier Ii Emissions Compliant, Common Rail Fuel System Enables Low Emissions At All Levels

Marine Classification Society Approved Monitoring, Alarm, And Protection System, Cross-Flow Head Design Optimizes Fuel Consumption

13% More Power For Increased Productivity, Standard Warranty On All Factory-Packaged Components

This System Features Electronically Controlled, Fully Flexible Injectors, Enabling Optimal Combustion And Low Emissions At All Levels, Along With Better Transient Response.

Improved Airflow Helps The Air/Exhaust Flow Meet Emissions And Optimize Fuel Consumption

Allows For Easy Installation And Maintenance, Reducing Up Front And Service Costs.

Cast Titanium Impeller Offers Five Times Longer Low-Cycle Fatigue Life, And Compressor Blades Are Twice As Resistant To High-Cycle Fatigue. Turbochargers Are Mounted On Cast Pedestals And Center-Positioned To Eliminate External Oil Drain Lines, Reduce The Chance Of Oil Leaks, And Improve Turbo Efficiency. The Flexible Bellows Connections Used On Inlets/Outlets Of The Turbine And Compressor Housings Minimize Leakage And Provide Isolation From External Vibrations, Motions, And Thermal Expansion.

Now Offered As A Factory-Installed And Warranted Option, Saving You Money And Providing A Single Source For The Whole Package.

Easier To Install And Remove Than The Traditional Soft Shields, They Save Time And Money During Service. The No-Gap Fitting Enhances Safety With Better Hot Spot Coverage.

Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System
  • Air cleaner; 2 single element canisters
  • Air cleaner mounting
Control System
  • Caterpillar Dual ADEM A4 Electronic Engine Control, front mtd.Requires 24V DC 20 amp continuous, 40 amp intermittent, clean electrical power
Cooling System
  • Engine Configuration for Remote Cooling
Exhaust System
  • Dry Exhaust Manifold and dual turbochargers with heat shields
Flywheels & Flywheel Housings
  • Flywheel housing, SAE No. 00
  • Flywheel, 530 M (SAE No. 21), 183 teeth
Fuel System
  • Fuel transfer pump, RH Fuel priming pump, RH Double walled high pressure fuel lines Electronically controlled unit injectors Leak detection Customer connections, RH Shipped loose duplex primary fuel filters with water separators Duplex secondary and tertiary fuel filters
  • Features: Start/stop controls Emergency stop Terminal blocks for customer connections
  • Switches: Cranking override-RH and LH Crank selection Low idle Prelube override
  • Graphical Unit (Color Marine Power Display) for analog or digital of: Engine oil pressure, engine water temperature, fuel pressure, system DC voltage, air inlet restriction, LH & RH exhaust temperature (prior to turbocharger), fuel filter differential, oil filter differential, service hour meter, engine speed, instantaneous fuel consumption (calculated), total fuel consumed (calculated), engine control switch (4 position), alarn horn, prioritized alarms, backup ECM ready light, backup ECM in control light, overspeed shutdown notification light, emergency stop notification light, prelube override, shutdown override
  • Indication lights: Auxiliary one and two circuits Emergency stop lamp General alarm lamp Local speed control
Lube System
  • Gear type lube oil pump Integral lube oil cooler Oil drain valves, FRONT Oil sampling valve Duplex oil filter Filler and dipstick Fumes disposal 1000 hour sump oil pan
Protection System
  • A4 Electronic Monitoring System provides customer programmable engine derating strategies to protect against adverse operating conditions.
  • Emergency stop push button (located in Electronic Instrument Panel) Safety shutoff protection: Oil pressure and water temperature(redundant OP and WT sensors) Overspeed (redundant and independent of engine governing system speed sensed by backup ECM which is MCS approved) NOT INCLUDED: Thermocouples
Starting System
  • High and Low current power distribution box NOT INCLUDED: Starting motor
Marine Society Requirements
  • See MARINE SOCIETY REQUIREMENTS optional attachments
  • Vibration damper and guard Lifting eyes Paint, Caterpillar yellow engine with black rails. Preservation of cooling system, air intake and exhaust for one year indoor storage

Optional Equipment

IMO Certification (Emissions)
  • For GL IMO certification for vessels with a German Flag, additional certificatio nthrough the German Authority SeeBG is required.
Charging System
  • Alternator Harness: 10M/32FT, 20M/64FT, 30M/98FT
  • Battery Charger 20 AMP
Cooling System
  • Coolant Level Sensor
Exhaust System
  • Flexible Fitting
  • Flanges
  • Flange & Exhaust Expanders
Fuel System
  • Flexible Fuel Lines
  • PL 1000E Communication Module
  • Marine Gear Sensors
  • Color Marine Power Display System
  • Turbocharger Speed Sensors
Lube System
  • Electric Prelube Harness
Special Tests/Reports
  • Special Test Charge - English Only
  • STD Engine Test Charge
Starting System
  • 24 Volt Battery Set - Dry (QTY6)
  • Starter Motor Harness
Service Tools/Ship Prot./ Factory Support
  • Shrink Wrap Protection
  • Export Packaging



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