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Dependable Design, Speedy Service, and Unmatched Expertise

When you invest in Cat® Hydraulic Hose and Couplings from Hawthorne Cat, you’re investing in decades of expertise, manufacturing excellence, and unrivaled service. Cat hose and couplings work together as a matched system delivering top of the line durability in the most challenging environments to maximize your uptime, every time.

When it comes to hose and couplings, you need the safest and most reliable. Can you afford to risk anything else?

Why Cat Hose and Couplings Are the Smart Choice for Every Fleet

Built to Last | Not all hoses are made the same. Our Cat hoses are built with cutting-edge machinery and quality control for the maximum precision, strength, and durability you need.

Dependable Design | Cat hose assembly products and tooling are ultra flexible, and designed to work as a coordinated system in the most challenging conditions, even on non-Cat equipment.

Mixed Fleet | Your whole fleet can benefit from Cat Hose and Couplings. No matter the machines you’re running, our hose and couplings are built to fit, and keep every fleet running longer.

Rigorous Testing | Hawthorne Cat serves safety as a standard. Cat Hydraulic Hose and Couplings undergo rigorous industry testing as a system — not as separate components — to create a perfect fit that delivers maximum safety for your entire fleet.

Unmatched Expertise | We don’t just know Cat machines, we are experts in non-Cat equipment too. Hawthorne Cat can identify any hose and coupling to provide you with a superior Cat Hose and Coupling to match.

Speedy Service | When there’s a problem, you need it fixed fast. Hawthorne Cat offers immediate service solutions to get you up and running quickly and safely. Services include Do-It-Myself and Container, as well as call-out assistance and in-branch service.

Hawthorne Cat offers a range of solutions and replacement options, and is dedicated to providing the right level of service and advice to suit your needs.

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