Run A Safe Operation

Run a Safe Operation

Working safely should be a top priority, but it’s not always easy on a busy, crowded jobsite. Make sure your team and your equipment get through every day safe and secure with Cat® Connect Technology and Services. Be more vigilant even when you’re far from the action. Cat Connect can help you avoid potential accidents, prevent unauthorized equipment use, and keep your operators focused.


Cat Link

    • Know when unsafe actions occur, even if you’re not there
    • Quickly prevent accidents and identify training opportunities

Cat Grade

    • Reduce the number of people needed on the job site
    • Keep workers a safe distance away from machines and traffic
    • Allow operators to focus on the work environment instead of operation controls

Cat Payload

    • Ease yard traffic congestion by reducing truck time
    • Improve visibility and ease of use with the integrated standard machine display and reverse travel camera
    • Eliminate dangers associated with overloading
    • Minimize material spills and tire damage

Cat Compact

    • Limit the number of testing personnel on the field
    • Ensure the structural stability of the finished product

Cat Detect

    • Alert operators to people and objects in danger zones
    • Improve visibility and seat belt usage
    • Control who and when equipment can be operated

Cat Command

    • Keep operators off the machine and out of hazardous work environments
    • Eliminate daily hazards and exposure to sound, dust, and vibration
    • Reduce safety incidents and operator injury


Equipment Management Services

    • Prevent unsafe conditions due to equipment or component failure



    • Train operators to run equipment in the safest possible way
    • Remove people from harm’s way when measuring productivity or mapping sites



    • Identify fatigue and distraction risks
    • Develop processes to predict, measure, and mitigate safety issues
    • Empower employees to lead safety efforts from all levels
    • Notify operators of unsafe conditions


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