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Shears for Cat® Excavators and Mini Excavators are built to optimize productivity and cost effectiveness of the shear/excavator system, minimizing downtime and maintenance.

Mobile Scrap & Demolition Shears

Cat® shears feature 360° rotation and a high force-to-weight ratio. These shears are versatile tools widely used for demolishing steel structures and preparing bulk scrap (such as cars, farm machinery and railroad cars) for further processing.

ModelThroat ForceApex ForceTip Force
S305204.0 Sh Ton73.0 Sh Ton43.0 Sh TonVIEW
S320B417.0 Sh Ton178.0 Sh Ton100.0 Sh TonVIEW
S325B625.0 Sh Ton250.0 Sh Ton143.0 Sh TonVIEW
S340B766.0 Sh Ton309.0 Sh Ton175.0 Sh TonVIEW
S365C1162.0 Sh Ton422.0 Sh Ton226.0 Sh TonVIEW
S385C1405.0 Sh Ton528.0 Sh Ton279.0 Sh TonVIEW

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