Marine Products

Hawthorne’s engineering team will help you work through any project utilizing Cat’s entire product line, ensuring a solution that meets or exceeds all your requirements. 

C32B marine engine

New Marine Sales

  • After-Treatment Solutions
  • Cat Certified Marine Dealer
  • Customer Value Agreements (CVA)
  • Diesel and Dual Fuel Engines as Propulsion and Auxiliary Engines
  • Engine Monitoring & Display Systems
  • Extended Service Coverage
  • Generator Sets
  • Integrated Vessel Monitoring, Safety, and Control Systems
  • Marine Controls
  • Marine Power Generation
  • Start-Up/Commissioning

Marine Power Solutions Guide

No matter the marine power solution you’re business is looking for, Hawthorne Power Systems has what you need. Cat Marine’s Power Solutions Selections Guide is your go to for all things marine power. This annual publication includes Cat, MaK, and EMD products renowned not only for their reliability, durability, and efficiency, but also for their designs and innovations.

Browse specifications for various models including propulsion and auxiliary engines, generator sets, and more. With this guide you can find the engine type, engine dry weight, water displacement, and more for each unit, as well as current product features.

Current product offerings in the Marine Power Solutions Guide include:

  • After treatment solutions
  • Complete generator sets
  • Complete fuel gas handling systems
  • Complete integrated vessel monitoring, safety, and control systems
  • Diesel and dual fuel engines as propulsion and auxiliary engines
  • Propeller and azimuth propulsion systems to ensure your vessel’s maneuverability and control


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Defense Sales Manager
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