Whether you run a fleet of tugs, several whale watch vessels, or a university research vessel, Hawthorne Marine Power's product support team has the repair options you need to maximize your up time. Hawthorne’s service department specializes in global mobility and provides top notch service wherever you need us, across town or across the ocean.

Hawthorne Marine Power provides a wide breadth of services to keep your operation on the move. From regular SOS Fluid sampling to track predictive trends or analyzing the overall health of your shipboard electric power utilizing our Advanced Electrical Services, and planned or emergent repairs like Major, In-Frame, or Top-End overhauls. You can depend on Hawthorne Marine Power product support team to be where you need us, when you need us there.

If you are the individual responsible for keeping your vessel or your fleet up and running, you have a lot to manage. Hawthorne Marine Power wants to partner with you, so your parts and service procurement is one less thing for you to worry about. With our well-established air or ocean logistics options and an unmatched sense of urgency, utilizing Hawthorne’s decades of experience in the commercial and research vessel space is a sure way to minimize your downtime and maximize your up time. If you find yourself in San Diego, we are fully staffed with highly trained mobile field service technicians who are extensively trained in all Cat Marine engine families. We maintain a fleet of service trucks equipped with repair and diagnostic tools that can help get your engine up running quickly.

Be sure to ask how enrolling in our Customer Value Agreement (CVA) can be an essential part of your fleet management toolbox. Keeping your vessel running is the key to your success. With CVAs, you have individualized solutions, ranging from traditional parts and services to connected technologies and more.

Ask your Hawthorne Marine Product Support Sales Representative for more details.



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