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Your equipment investment is critical to your work, so it just makes sense to protect it. Our Cat® Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) help keep your Cat machines easy to own and ready to work. All of our CVAs deliver customized solutions for parts and services so you can leverage Cat value to maximize your investment and lower ownership costs.

Save money with less unscheduled downtime and more time to work. Safely extend service intervals and save up to 15% on maintenance costs. Using Cat Filters over competitors' can increase component life by up to 50%, while decreasing fuel injector cost per hour by up to 80 percent. Plus, get up to 2 times more engine working hours by using Cat fluids.


New Machine

  • Convenience
  • Performance
  • Confidence

Cat Certified Used Machine

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What to Expect in Our CVAs


Our Customer Value Agreements are all-in-one plans to fit your operation and improve your bottom line. Make your ownership experience hassle free with complete asset protection and expert information at your fingertips so you can plan, schedule, and execute your maintenance and repair needs.


Get connected machine information to help you monitor your assets and lower the risk of potential issues. The Cat App and My.Cat.Com show real-time data and insights like machine hours, location, fuel burn, and maintenance alerts. Each CVA also comes with Fluid Health Management through Cat S•O•SSM.


Unlock maintenance efficiencies to achieve engine maintenance optimization with our CVAs. Genuine Cat parts delivered right on schedule, right to your location with step-by-step instructions. Hawthorne Cat has a team of trained professionals ready to work with your schedule and minimize downtime.


Cat Customer Value Agreements provide the security of an Equipment Protection Plan to avoid unexpected costs for unplanned repairs. With diagnostic and troubleshooting support, you can be at ease with expert advice and dedicated resources for your maintenance planning, repairs, rebuilds, and upgrades.

Find the Right CVA for Your Construction Equipment

Whether you’re looking to buy a new Cat machine or interested in adding value to a machine you already own, we have the right CVA for you.

Read about our options, and contact us today.

New Cat Machines

When buying a new Cat machine, you have three Customer Value Agreement options that fit your needs, which include the Convenience, Performance, and Confidence options. The main difference in these plans is the length, anywhere from a one year plan up to five years. Each of these plans is designed with different users in mind. The Convenience plan is perfect for those who handle maintenance in-house. You'll receive Genuine Cat parts right to your door, and you'll get an Equipment Protection Plan (EPP). The Performance plan offers dealer services and maintenance, and the Confidence plan provides comprehensive protection throughout the lifetime of your CVA. Get the most from your new machine to reduce your owning and operating costs while providing a hassle-free ownership experience.

Cat Certified Used Equipment

Confidence is key when buying used equipment. By adding a CVA to your Cat Certified Used machine, you take home even more confidence in securing your uptime and getting the most from your investment. With a Cat CVA for used equipment, you'll get Cat parts delivered to your door, a powertrain and hydraulics EPP, and connected machine data and insights. This plan is perfect for those looking to maximize their machine's efficiencies, while staying protected, too. Upkeep and maintenance of your heavy equipment can take a large bite out of your operating budget. Get the peace of mind you crave by ensuring your machine will be covered without breaking the bank.

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