FODS Construction Trackout Control Mats Now Available for Rent

Do you have issues with vehicle tracking and sediment leaving your construction site? The FODS Construction Trackout Control Mats helps eliminate the tracking of mud and sediments outside of jobsites and is designed to be used on a construction entrance or exit that minimizes crossover contamination. FODS are an innovative new matting system designed to more effectively remove debris from vehicle tires than standard solutions such as rocks, shakers and steel plates.

The FODS mats work by deforming the tire, spreading the tire lugs apart, and depositing the mat's dirt, rock, mud, or other sediments. As the tires roll across the mat, the pyramids will scrape, clean, deform, and wipe debris from the tires. The debris is collected into the base of each mat and will not come in contact with the tires of subsequent vehicles. As a rockless system, these mats improve environmental compliance by reducing construction site track out onto roadways.

On short term construction projects, FODS can offer significant savings on installation, removal, and remediation compared to alternative construction entrance techniques.

FODS Specifications 1024x512
  • Rapid installation and removal in under 30 minutes
  • Easily transported from site to site in minutes
  • Effectively cleans tires
  • Protects ground
  • Portable/reduces waste
  • Easily recognizable entrance for vehicles to see day or night
  • Superior alternative to rocks, shakers, steel plates
  • Mats handle over 1,000,000 passes of an 80,000 lb vehicle
  • It will not get clogged or become embedded in soft ground
  • Chemical resistant/UV stable
  • Improves compliance
  • Manufactured in the USA/ recyclable

The FODS Construction Trackout Control Mats provide many advantages and benefits as a replacement to traditional stabilized construction entrances. These benefits make FODS an excellent fit for use in a wide range of industries. Learn more: https://getfods.com/industries


The site where the FODS Construction Trackout Control System is to be placed should correspond to recommended Best Management Practices (BMP) as much as possible. The site should also meet or exceed the local jurisdiction or stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) requirements.

Call the utility notification center at 811, three business days in advance of the FODS Trackout Control System installation for the marking of underground member utilities.

Once the site is established where FODS Construction Trackout Control System is to be placed, any excessive uneven terrain should be leveled out or removed. FODS will span and support most obstacles, but the flatter and smoother the terrain under the mats, the more efficient and safer the FODS Trackout Control System will be.

FODS-103_Hawthorne 1120x850_step1


Place the mats in the position needed

FODS-125 1120x850_step2


Add H Bracket between mats



Connect mats with metal straps

FODS-117 1120x850_step4


Anchor mats in pace

Contact Hawthorne Rentals to learn how FODS Construction Trackout Control System can meet your needs. Our team of experts will help you customize a solution for your project.