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Cat Connect Electric Power | More Value, Less Stress.

Now there’s an easier way to monitor and manage your assets with Cat Connect Electric Power. Our power generation equipment, technology, services, and expertise can turn your data into insights to help build your success.

As your business becomes more complex, there is a greater need to reduce costs, while you’re constantly being pushed to do more with less. Your ability to monitor operations remotely is critical to improving efficiency. Cat® Connect helps you manage your operations so you have more control over your assets.

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5 Risks You Can Mitigate with Cat Connect Electric Power

Effectively manage your equipment with Cat Connect to lessen the impact of these day-to-day risks, keeping your assets safe at all times.

Better understand your power generation equipment needs so you are able to utilize the right resources, at the right time, and with the right capabilities.
Cat Connect can help you maximize uptime and extend the life of your power generation equipment to avoid unplanned maintenance repairs or early equipment replacements that significantly reduce cash flow.
Avoid major equipment failures by staying on a regular preventative maintenance schedule. Take advantage of electronic alerts and equipment data event logs to address small problems before they turn into larger issues.
Turn on equipment alerts to give yourself some peace of mind knowing that simple-to-correct conditions won’t prevent your generator set from starting and picking up rated loads.
Quick operator response times can reduce possible risks and protect your most valuable assets – your people.

6 Ways Using Cat Connect Can Improve Your Performance

Using equipment data to manage your fleet will keep your power system performance in top shape, while making your power production more efficient and reliable.

Equipment data ensures individual units are properly loaded and the maximum number of units are online to meet your electric power requirements.
Regular Inspections, equipment data, fluid sampling, and electronic alerts can detect problems early and schedule repairs quickly to avoid breakdowns and performance issues.
Monitoring run hours and fuel consumption can maintain utilization consistency across your fleet.
Electronic alerts ensure that your assets will start and perform when needed.
Keep your power generation equipment from experiencing extended downtime by training your operators to actively check equipment alerts.
Manage all your fleet data in one place with a big-picture overview that can help you identify inefficient maintenance practices and potential technician development needs.

6 Ways Cat Connect Can Help You Cut Equipment Costs

Data from Cat Connect puts money in your pocket by helping you keep your power generation equipment in top shape and avoid unplanned downtime. Lower operating costs can increase your competitive edge even during the most challenging market conditions.

Take advantage of electronic data, alerts, and records to schedule and complete all recommended maintenance.
Use equipment data and electronic alerts to spot small problems early, and schedule repairs quickly to avoid breakdowns and keep repair costs low.
Utilize your investment and increase your bottom line by running at peak performance.
Automatically gather data on equipment history, component life, and operating costs to help you identify high-cost problem areas and control expenses.
Diagnostic information sent to offsite experts throughout the lifecycle of your system reduces labor costs for unnecessary site visits.
Remotely monitor your day-to-day usage to identify necessary training opportunities.


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