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One of the most important factors in helping you achieve the lowest owning and operating costs and equipment uptime is matching the right undercarriage option to your specific machine model and work application. An improperly managed undercarriage can account for more than half of machine maintenance costs.

That’s why Hawthorne Cat offers Custom Track Service (CTS) inspections, our comprehensive program for managing your undercarriage system uses the most advanced diagnostic equipment available, like the Ultrasonic Wear Indicator. With CTS, we can accurately monitor undercarriage performance and predict wear rates, so you can evaluate service options, plan your maintenance, and schedule downtime. The CTS analysis, which can be completed on your job site, helps you make informed decisions that keep your operating costs as low as possible. To learn more, reach out to one of our Cat dealers in San Diego, Hawaii, American Samoa, or Guam today!


A thorough cleaning to clearly see the parts

A check-up on the track tension (if a tracked machine)

A check of all the Cat component parts, such as track shoes, links, pins, bushings, sprockets, and more

A thorough inspection for wear and tear and uneven distribution

A Cat parts component replacement if necessary

Ensure everything in good working order

Free No-Obligation Inspection

Hawthorne’s undercarriage specialists will deliver complete component analytics that don’t cut corners or keep you in the dark.

Your FREE no-obligation undercarriage inspection could help uncover how you can reduce owning and operating costs. The detailed inspection report will include our expert advice and replacement options.


Your heavy equipment's undercarriage can take a heavy beating. In fact, if something does break on your machine, chances are, it's either an engine component or something with the undercarriage. Undercarriages are made of lots of parts, many of which move. They have to work together in order to offer optimal performance and function. If one breaks, the whole machine can go down.

Hawthorne Cat offers free undercarriage inspections so you will know the health of your machine. We'll report on any red flags we see or fix any repairs that may be needed. You'll have peace of mind that you won't break down on the job site due to a faulty undercarriage. Save yourself time, effort, and hassle, and book your free undercarriage inspection at a Caterpillar dealer in San Diego, Hawaii, American Samoa, or Guam today!

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