DEF Solutions

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DEF Solutions now available for rental

Proprietary UNI-FILL™ automatic replenishment system features

  • Extending equipment runtime & reduces fill intervals
  • Minimizing engine shutdowns & issues due to lack of DEF
  • Complimenting auxiliary fuel tank by giving DEF the same runtime as fuel


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Just 3 Easy Steps:


1. Remove CAP on the Engine's DEF Tank


2. Insert UNI-FILL™ Automatic Nozzle


3. Click AUTO START on Controller

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  • Heavy-duty poly tank with integral galvanized steel frame
  • 4-way fork pockets for mobility & stackable design
  • Integral cabinet for electronics & pumping equipment
  • Integrated heat and UV protection


  • Proprietary UNI-FILL™ nozzle replaces existing cap on the engines DEF tank & refills automatically
  • 110V pump with 25’ delivery hose assembly and 25’ extension cord for control power
  • Integrates seamlessly with all Tier 4 generators, compressors, & pumps

DEF Solutions is available for rental and re-rental. Contact us for a quote today.

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