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Engine uptime is critical for you, your crew, your clients and your bottom line. Industry-leading technology allows Caterpillar to create the most reliable commercial engines for a variety of applications. From tugs and container vessels to sport fishers, Cat marine engines have demonstrated their efficiency throughout the years. With remarkable reliability and durability, these engines will exceed your expectations for decades to come.

ModelPower RangeSpeed RangeEmissions
3508C775-1100 bhp (578-820 bkW)1200-1600 rpmIMO II, EU IWVIEW
3512C IMO II1280-2551 bhp (955-1902 bkW)1200 rpm, 1600 rpm, 1800 rpmIMO II, EU IWVIEW
3512C Tier 31340-2366 bhp (1000-1765 bkW)1600-1800 rpmEPA Tier 3, IMO IIVIEW
3512E Tier 41341-2549 bhp (1000-1901 bkW)1600-1800 rpmU.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, IMO IIIVIEW
3516C IMO II1650-3386 bhp (1230-2525 bkW)1200-1800 rpmIMO IIVIEW
3516C Tier 32131-2675 bhp (1590-1995 bkW)1600 rpmEPA Tier 3, IMO IIVIEW
3516E Tier 42501-3386 bhp (1865-2525 bkW)1600-1800 rpmU.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, IMO IIIVIEW
C12340-490 bhp (254-366 bkW)1800-2300 rpmIMO I, IMO IIVIEW
C175-162683-3420 bhp (2001-2550 bkW)1600-1800 rpmIMO IIVIEW
C18 ACERT IMO II454-715 bhp (339-533 bkW)1800-2100 rpmIMO II, EU IIIAVIEW
C18 ACERT Tier 3469-1001 bhp (350-747 bkW)1800-2300 rpmEPA Tier 3 Commercial, IMO II, EU IWVIEW
C280-124640-5096 bhp (3460-3800 bkW)900 rpmIMO IIVIEW
C280-12 Tier 44962-5444 bhp (3700-4060 bkW)1000 rpmEPA Tier 4, IMO IIVIEW
C280-166169-7577 bhp (4600-5650 bkW)900-1000 rpmIMO IIVIEW
C280-62320-2722 bhp (1730-2030 bkW)900-1000 rpmIMO IIVIEW
C280-83084-3393 bhp (2300-2530 bkW)900 rpmIMO IIVIEW
C280-8 Tier 43299-3634 bhp (2460-2530 bkW)1000 rpmEPA Tier 4, IMO IIIVIEW
C32 ACERT IMO II660-1450 bhp (492-1081 bkW)1600-2300 rpmIMO II, EU IWVIEW
C32 ACERT Tier 3750-1800 bhp (559-1342 bkW)1600-2300 rpmEPA Tier 3, IMO II, EU IWVIEW
ModelPower RangeEmissionsAspiration
C32 Tier 3 / IMO II61-1450 bhp (46-1072 bkW)U.S. EPA Tier 3 / IMO II emissions certifiedTurbocharged-aftercooled aspirationVIEW
Model6 Brick Z-Flow - LengthMinimum Length6 Brick Z-Flow - Height
C32 Tier 4 / IMO III147.7 in83.9 in23.5 inVIEW
ModelLengthHeightMinimum Width
C7.1 Tier 3 / IMO II Propulsion Engine43.1 in35.1 in31.4 inVIEW
ModelPower RangeSpeed RangeEmissions
C9.3 Commercial Propulsion Engine375-476 bhp (280-355 bkW)1800-2300 rpmEPA Tier 3 Commercial, IMO II, EU IWVIEW

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