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Even on a good day, you have enough on your mind without worrying about the reliability of your marine generator sets. They need to perform day in and day out - plain and simple. With over 80 years of marine power experience behind them, Cat marine generator sets are built to provide dependable, efficient service under extreme conditions. They combine proven designs and manufacturing methods with the latest technology, such as advanced control, to deliver more power and greater efficiency, while offering enhanced monitoring. So even when your day turns out to be less than perfect, you can count on Caterpillar to deliver the power you live by.

Marine Generators – More Power, Greater Efficiency

ModelMinimum RatingMaximum RatingFrequency
3512C1550 eKW (1937 kVA)1700 eKW (2125 kVA)60 hzVIEW
C1.5 (Single Phase)10 ekW (10 kVA)13 ekW (16.5 kVA)50 Hz or 60 HzVIEW
C18 (SRMP)260 ekW (325 kVA)565 ekW (706 kVA)50 hzVIEW
C2.2 (Single Phase)16 ekW (16kVA)27 ekW (27 kVA)50 Hz or 60 HzVIEW
C280-123520 ekW (4400 kVA)3640 ekW (4550 kVA)50 Hz or 60 HzVIEW
C280-164700 ekW (5875 kVA)4840 ekW (6050 kVA)50 Hz or 60 HzVIEW
C280-61760 ekW (2200 kVA)1820 ekW (2275 kVA)50 Hz or 60 HzVIEW
C280-82350 ekW (2938 kVA)2420 ekW (3025 kVA)50 Hz or 60 HzVIEW
C32 ACERT IMO II550 eKW (688 kVA)940 ekW (1175 kVA)50 Hz or 60 HzVIEW
C32 ACERT Tier 3730 ekW (913 kVA)940 ekW (1175 kVA)60hzVIEW
C32 IMO III219 ekW940 ekW60hzVIEW
C32 Tier 3-IMO II219 ekW940 ekW60hzVIEW
C32 Tier 4 / IMO III282 ekW940 ekW60hzVIEW
C4.436.0R ekW (45 kVA)99.0 ekW (123 kVA)50 Hz or 60 HzVIEW
C4.4 ACERT58R ekW (50 Hz), 51R ekW (60 Hz)88R ekW (50 Hz), 105R ekW (60 Hz)50 Hz or 60 HzVIEW
C7.1100 ekW (125 kVA)200 ekW (250 kVA)50 Hz or 60 HzVIEW
C9.3 Generator Set185R ekW (231 kVA) at 50hz, 224R ekW (280 kVA) at 60hz250R ekW (313 kVA) at 50hz, 300 ekW (375 kVA) at 60hz50 Hertz & 60 HertzVIEW
ModelMinimum RatingMaximum RatingConfiguration
M 20 C979 kWe (1224 kVA)1726 kWe (2160 kVA)6,8,9 CylinderVIEW
M 25 C1669 kWe (2088 kVA)2877 kWe (3600 kVA)6,8,9 CylinderVIEW
M 25 E Generator Set2016 kWe (2625 kVA)3024 kWe (3938 kVA)6,8,9 CylinderVIEW
M 32 C2762 kWe (3456 kVA)4316 kWe (5400 kVA)6,8,9 CylinderVIEW
ModelMinimum RatingMaximum RatingBore
M 32 E Generator Set3165 kWe (3960 kVA)5747 kWe (5940 kVA)12.6 inVIEW
ModelMinimum RatingMaximum RatingConfiguration
M 34 DF Generator Set2934 kWe (3672 kVA)4574 kWe (5724 kVA)6,8,9 CylinderVIEW
M 43 C5754 kWe (7200 kVA)9063 kWe (11340 kVA)6,7,8,9 CylinderVIEW
ModelMinimum RatingMaximum RatingBore
M 46 DF Generator Set5179 kWe (6480 kVA)8329 kWe (10422 kVA)16.93 inVIEW
ModelMinimum RatingMaximum RatingConfiguration
VM 32 C5754 kWe (7200 kVA)7672 kWe (9600 kVA)12,16 CylinderVIEW
VM 32 E Generator Set6099 kWe (7632 kVA)8593 kWe (10752 kVA)12,16 CylinderVIEW
VM 43 C11508 kWe (14400 kVA)16111 kWe (20160 kVA)12,16 CylinderVIEW
VM 46 DF Generator Set10357 kWe (12960 kVA)14807 kWe (18528 kVA)12,16 CylinderVIEW

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