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Cat® Brushcutters are used for clearing overgrowth from highway medians, utility easements and for initial land clearing for housing, parks and recreational areas. Cat® Industrial Brushcutters are designed for land management, utilities, site prep and maintenance work for brush, small trees, and dense vegetation.

ModelOverall WidthCutting WidthMaximum Cutting Diameter
bcp_264-9400_br11874 in72 in3 inVIEW
bcp_264-9500_br11562 in60 in3 inVIEW
bcp_264-9600_br11768 in66 in3 inVIEW
bcp_424-0435_br21874 in72 in3 inVIEW
bcp_424-0436_br32080 in78 in3 inVIEW
bcp_523-5560_brx11875.2 in72 in8 inVIEW
bcp_523-5570_brx31875.2 in72 in8 inVIEW
bcp_523-5580_brx41875.2 in72 in8 inVIEW

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