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Demolition and Sorting Grapples

Demolition and sorting grapples are heavy-duty units designed for applications involving demolition of non-concrete structures, material handling/sorting at recycling and waste transfer facilities, site cleanup and loading/sorting construction or demolition debris.

ModelWeight - Including BracketClosing ForceCycle Time - Close
G310B2266 lb1.42 Sh Ton2.1 sVIEW
ModelWeight - Including BracketOptimum Oil Flow - Open/Close
G310B-D2303.83 lb2030 gal/minVIEW
ModelWeight - Including BracketClosing ForceCycle Time - Close
G315B3080 lb2.05 Sh Ton2.2 sVIEW
G320B4125 lb2.6 Sh Ton2.2 sVIEW
G325B4664 lb2.6 Sh Ton2.2 sVIEW
G3305764 lb2.4 Sh Ton2.1 sVIEW

Trash Grapples

Trash Grapples are ideal for light-duty land clearing, trash handling, brush and rubbish cleanup, and job site cleanup.

ModelRated CapacityWeightUpper Jaw Width
141-07323.6 yd³2840 lb44 inVIEW
142-84782.4 yd³2000 lb44 inVIEW
259-62134.5 yd³3069 lb43 inVIEW
267-95736.58 yd³6174 lb62 inVIEW
285-12106 yd³5001 lb51 inVIEW
299-42705 yd³4569 lb47 inVIEW

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