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Shears for Cat® Excavators and Mini Excavators are built to optimize productivity and cost effectiveness of the shear/excavator system, minimizing downtime and maintenance.

Mobile Scrap & Demolition Shears

Steel-frame demolition and scrap processing are the starting points for metals recycling. Cat® Scrap and Demolition Shears power through these applications, providing the production and reliably that keep your operation in the black. Available in sizes to fit Cat machines from skid-steers to large excavators.

ModelWeight - Boom MountLengthHeight
S20509206 lb140 in60 inVIEW
S207012822 lb153 in70 inVIEW
S209016493 lb170 in74 inVIEW
ModelWeight - Boom MountWeight - Stick MountLength
S305011201 lb10650 lb176 inVIEW
S307015578 lb15259 lb193 inVIEW
S309019889 lb19316 lb211 inVIEW
ModelWeight - Stick MountTip ForceJaw Width - Moving
bcp_171-5495_S3051280 lb43 Sh Ton2 inVIEW

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