Operator Performance

Improve Operator Performance

Is your operation short-staffed? Are your current operators reaching their full potential? Get more from every operator with Cat® Connect Technology and Services. Cat Connect empowers operators of any skill level to quickly and accurately complete more work. Individuals who know how to get the most out of each machine can have a strong effect on your bottom-line results. They are also less likely to cause accidents or equipment damage. Simplify operation, reduce fatigue, identify training opportunities, and motivate employees with Cat Connect.


Cat Link

    • Monitor operator performance to identify training opportunities
    • Compare individuals’ idle vs. working time
    • Track productivity to motivate performance improvement

Cat Grade

    • Help operators work faster and get to grade in fewer passes
    • Reduce operator inputs by up to 80%
    • Provide real-time production feedback

Cat Payload

    • Track production output and monitor cycle times
    • Create benchmarks to improve operator accuracy and efficiency
    • Identify areas where training opportunities may be needed

Cat Compact

    • Display real-time measurements in-cab, empowering operators to deliver higher results
    • Improve uniformity and eliminate guesswork

Cat Detect

    • Increase operator visibility, helping them work more confidently in any jobsite condition

Cat Command

    • Reduce physical fatigue by eliminating the effects of vibration and sound on the jobsite


Equipment Management Services

    • Get advice from highly trained technicians on how to effectively utilize asset data
    • Measure progress with ongoing reporting and benchmarking



    • Better align resources for higher productivity
    • Monitor performance to continually optimize your job site



    • Identify where fatigue may be affecting individual performance
    • Understand how attitudes and beliefs about safety impact day-to-day work
    • Foster a culture of safety among leaders and employees
    • Stop unsafe actions before they happen and prevent potential injury or damage


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