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Quick Couplers allow Loaders to change work tools in seconds from the cab. Move quickly from one job to another by rapidly exchanging work tools; material handling arms, forks, and a wide array of buckets can all be engaged with equal ease. Get the maximum performance from any Cat® Loader with a Cat Quick Coupler System.

Block Handling

Cat block handling couplers are specially designed for prying, loading, carrying, transporting, tilting, controlling and moving very large squared blocks and boulders to get the best performance from both your attachments and your block handler machines. Paired with the various work tools available, these couplers are designed to withstand the demanding and harsh environments of block handling applications. Contact your Cat dealer for more information.

212-8241_980 4-Wedge69.3 in32.0 in2403.0 lbVIEW
418-0100_986H67.5 in33.0 in2686.0 lbVIEW
418-0060_988G/H78.7 in40.6 in3608.0 lbVIEW
420-7700_988K78.7 in33.8 in3523.0 lbVIEW

Fusion™ Coupler - Loader

The Fusion™ Coupler increases machine performance, multiplying the productivity of your machine. Our customers asked for the best: a coupler without compromise.We're proud to deliver: Fusion™.

349-5246_950-962K-M1248 lbVIEW
364-8425_963D1413.0 lbVIEW
310-9390_966-9721244.0 lbVIEW

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