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Caterpillar Grapples replace the bucket on Caterpillar Excavators, converting them to the ideal machine for handling loose material, sorting trash, and demolition site cleanup. An array of styles and sizes are available to match Excavators to the task at hand.

Contractors' Grapples

Contractors' Grapples handle irregularly shaped loads and loose materials. They are an essential tool for demolition, sorting, and reprocessing work.

ModelMaximum Jaw OpeningUpper Jaw TinesFixed Jaw Tines
285-126469.5 in23VIEW
283-579083.4 in23VIEW
282-831696.0 in23VIEW
279-7307104.4 in23VIEW
279-7306104.4 in23VIEW
279-7305104.4 in23VIEW
275-6072113.5 in23VIEW
275-6074113.5 in23VIEW
275-6073113.5 in23VIEW
275-2403124.0 in23VIEW
275-2402124.0 in23VIEW
275-2401124.0 in23VIEW
275-2400124.0 in23VIEW
279-7361131.6 in23VIEW
279-7362131.6 in23VIEW
282-2575146.3 in23VIEW
282-2576146.3 in23VIEW
283-7307155.0 in23VIEW
283-7308155.0 in23VIEW

Demolition and Sorting Grapples

Demolition and sorting grapples are heavy-duty units designed for applications involving demolition of non-concrete structures, material handling/sorting at recycling and waste transfer facilities, site cleanup and loading/sorting construction or demolition debris.

ModelCapacityWeight (incl. Bracket)Optimum Oil Flow, Open/close
G310B-D0.52 yd32303.83 lb2030.0 gal/minVIEW
ModelCapacityWeight (incl. Bracket)Closing Force
G310B0.49 yd32266.0 lb1.42 Sh TonVIEW
G315B0.72 yd33080.0 lb2.05 Sh TonVIEW
G320B0.98 yd34125.0 lb2.6 Sh TonVIEW
G325B1.11 yd34664.0 lb2.6 Sh TonVIEW
G3301.31 yd35764.0 lb2.4 Sh TonVIEW
ModelCapacityWeight (incl. Bracket)Optimum Oil Flow, Open/close
174-90911.31 yd35909.0 lb2030.0 gal/minVIEW

Forest Machine Grapples

Cat® Forestry Grapples on Forest Machines are the proven performer in the woods and on the yard. It's performance you can count on.

ModelRotationMaximum OpeningMinimum Opening
271-1533360.0 Degrees52.0 in5.0 inVIEW
271-1534360.0 Degrees55.0 in5.0 inVIEW
271-1535360.0 Degrees60.0 in6.0 inVIEW

Log Grapples

ModelCapacityCylinder BoreCylinder Rod
33P0.33 ft3.5 in2.0 inVIEW
4042SN R-250.16 ft3.5 in2.0 inVIEW
4042SN R-180.16 ft3.5 in2.0 inVIEW
4045TW R-250.17 ft4.0 in2.5 inVIEW
4045TW R-500.17 ft4.0 in2.5 inVIEW
4548SN0.19 ft4.0 in2.5 inVIEW
5055TW0.25 ft4.5 in3.0 inVIEW
C742W0.16 ft3.5 in2.0 inVIEW
C848W0.25 ft4.0 in2.5 inVIEW
GS-4548SN0.19 ft4.0 in2.5 inVIEW

Orange Peel Grapples

Robust design, lifting capacity and efficiency put Caterpillar Orange Peel Grapples on top of the pile in scrap handling and recycling. The grapple’s four hydraulic tines penetrate deep into scrap piles and grab tight to move the maximum possible material in every pass. This grapple provides superior productivity and efficiency for material handling operators.

ModelCapacityWeightMax. Lift Capacity
GSH15B0.75 yd32679.0 lb8818.0 lbVIEW
GSH15B 5-tine0.75 yd33197.0 lb8818.0 lbVIEW
GSH20B1.0 yd33560.0 lb17637.0 lbVIEW
GSH20B1.25 yd33560.0 lb17637.0 lbVIEW
GSH20B0.75 yd33472.0 lb17637.0 lbVIEW
GSH20B 5-tine1.0 yd34232.0 lb17637.0 lbVIEW
GSH20B 5-tine1.25 yd34354.0 lb17637.0 lbVIEW
GSH22B2.0 yd35313.0 lb26455.0 lbVIEW
GSH22B1.5 yd35269.0 lb26455.0 lbVIEW

Solid Waste Grapples

ModelCapacityCylinder BoreCylinder Rod
20SW6.5 ft33.5 in1.75 inVIEW
42SW14.5 ft33.5 in2.0 inVIEW

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