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Rippers are used to break up hard soil and ice during ground preparation. They are perfectly suited for pipeline and trenching work.


Cat excavator rippers offer a cost-effective alternative to blasting. In quarry production work, they offer a lower cost per ton, better product quality and less environmental impact than explosive excavation. They are the ideal tool for land clearing or site preparation in rock, quarry work and similar high-impact digging applications. Take productivity to the next level with a Cat Rip & Load package. A quick coupler switches you rapidly between the ripper, and an Extreme Duty Rock bucket. Pull the rock from the ground and load it with the same machine.

ModelShank LengthOverall LengthWeight
1085mm (43in) Ripper42.7 in54.5 in1014.0 lbVIEW
1290mm (51in) Ripper50.8 in67.0 in1717.0 lbVIEW
1290mm (51in) Ripper50.8 in67.0 in1717.0 lbVIEW
1290mm (51in) Ripper50.8 in64.9 in1755.0 lbVIEW
1374mm (54in) Ripper54.1 in73.3 in2473.0 lbVIEW
1481mm (58in) Ripper58.3 in77.3 in3569.0 lbVIEW
1495mm (59in) Ripper58.9 in77.9 in3391.0 lbVIEW
1627mm (64in) Ripper64.1 in83.1 in3558.0 lbVIEW
1627mm (64in) Ripper64.1 in82.9 in3782.0 lbVIEW
1787mm (70in) Ripper70.4 in90.5 in4641.0 lbVIEW
1800mm (71in) Ripper70.9 in90.0 in4227.0 lbVIEW
1801mm (71in) Ripper70.9 in90.6 in4597.0 lbVIEW
ModelShank LengthWeightOverall Length
bcp_453-8570_490 mm (19 in)19 in99 lb26 inVIEW
bcp_491-4075_639 mm (25 in)25 in240 lb33 inVIEW
bcp_453-8571_676 mm (27 in)27 in135 lb32 inVIEW
ModelShank LengthOverall LengthWeight
696mm (27in) Ripper27.4 in36.5 in353.0 lbVIEW
744mm (29in) Ripper29.3 in38.0 in439.0 lbVIEW
ModelShank LengthWeightOverall Length
bcp_453-8572_861 mm (34 in)34 in236 lb42 inVIEW
ModelShank LengthOverall LengthWeight
992mm (39in) Ripper39.1 in50.5 in728.0 lbVIEW
1206mm (48in) Ripper, Quick Coupler47.5 in64.7 in3774.0 lbVIEW
1375mm (54in) Ripper, Quick Coupler54.1 in71.3 in3942.0 lbVIEW
1495mm (59in) Ripper, Quick Coupler58.9 in76.0 in4149.0 lbVIEW
1639mm (65in) Ripper, Quick Coupler64.5 in81.7 in4372.0 lbVIEW

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