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Cat Marine Bundled Repair Solutions for You
When you invest in an engine, you intend for it to take on heavy loads, last long days and keep to the highest standards — years after you install it. Every solution available has been carefully designed for easy ordering with bundled pricing. Any customized overhaul solution you select includes genuine Cat® parts to assist you in updating or restoring your marine vessel to its original performance. Cat Marine offers a range of flexible Bundled Repair Solutions. The four package levels available allow you to choose the best option for your next top end or major overhaul.

Why Choose Cat Marine

  • Bundled pricing to fit your budget
  • Engineered for reliable, high-quality overhauls
  • Customizable repair levels for easy ordering
  • Fast, single shipment delivery
  • Parts packaged for an efficient overhaul process
  • Incorporates all the latest engineering changes
  • One-year parts warranty

Extended Service Coverage (ESC) for C18, 3406, 3408, and 3412 Bundled Repair Solutions
The waters are unpredictable but repair costs should never be. Our team offers Extended Service Coverage (ESC) – a plan of protection for your overhauled engine to cover Cat labor and replaced parts costs. When you invest in an overhaul, you invest in peace of mind. Download the brochure for C183406, 34083412, and 3500 Bundled Repair Solutions.

Limited Time Offer
24 months/6,000 hours of ESC on commercial engines only
With purchase of any Major Overhaul Foundational Kit and all Optimal level components.
Offer valid through December 31, 2016.

C18 Bundled Repair Solution

3406 Bundled Repair Solution

3408 Bundled Repair Solution

3412 Bundled Repair Solution

3500 Bundled Repair Solution

Cat Reman | Rethink Your Power
Cat Reman is Cat power, restored. Cat Reman products are built using the latest engineering advancements, measured against the highest standards, and anchored on the Cat quality you expect. Each Reman part is carefully inspected to ensure long-term durability, resurfaced to meet specifications, and updated with the latest part upgrades. Each returned product is disassembled and remanufactured to function like new, at a fraction of the factory “new” cost. Every Reman block or component you purchase is backed by our full parts warranty. Hawthorne Power Systems can help you navigate the waters efficiently at the lowest cost available.

How Cat Reman Works

  1. Purchase a Reman part from Hawthorne Power Systems.
  2. Return your worn part to Hawthorne Power Systems for a Cat Core inspection; a standardized part evaluation based on global Cat review standards.
  3. You will receive a Core Credit towards the purchase of your selected Reman part.

Cat Marine 3500 Engine Upgrade Kits | Reduce Emissions. Improve Performance

Cat Performance Upgrade or Cat Emissions Upgrade Kits can help your vessel comply with current emission standards to keep you on the water longer. We understand the importance of maximizing the life of your vessel. Cat Performance Upgrade or Cat Emissions Upgrade Kits have been carefully engineered to upgrading, not completely scrap your marine engine. Invest in a Cat Performance Upgrade or Cat Emissions Upgrade Kit for your next marine engine overhaul. The pre-selected parts included in the available kits are segmented for easy installation. Best of all, every upgrade can be completed in hull, without any major vessel changes to keep you on schedule. Together, the Hawthorne Power Systems service team performance and emissions upgrade kits can help keep your equipment running and your costs low.

Cat Performance Upgrade Kits for Select 3508, 3512 & 2516 Marine Engines

Cat Emissions Upgrade Kits for Select 3508, 3512 & 2516 Marine Engines

Tips & Advice
Find the answers you've been looking for with access to preventive maintenance tips ranging from reducing white smoke at start-up to preventing galvanic and stray current corrosion. Learn More in Hawthorne's In-the-Know articles Cat Marine Tips & Advice Part I and Cat Marine Tips & Advice Part II.

Hawthorne Power Systems is DNV GL Platinum Certified in marine service capability.


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