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New Cat 306 CR Mini Excavator Delivers Industry-Leading Performance

The new Cat 306 CR Mini Excavator marks Caterpillar’s entry into the 6-ton class, featuring a fuel-efficient engine, heavy-duty structures, load-sensing hydraulics, and our exclusive Cat® Stick Steer system. With similar structures as the full line of Next Generation mini excavators, the 306 model delivers industry-leading performance, enhances operator experience, and simplifies routine maintenance.

Raising Performance Standards

The new Cat 306 CR elevates performance standards with its leading lift of up to 7,839 pounds (3,555 kg) at a 9.8-foot (3-m) radius. The machine is built with a swing boom, providing a low tail swing with counterweight and increasing performance by up to 20 percent. Advanced uphill swing torque and increased cycle times can also improve your work productivity and efficiency.

Meet specific job demands by configuring the Cat 306 CR Mini Excavator with a straight blade, angled blade, or extra tool carrier (XTC). The machine’s blade controls loose material in several applications including ample travel, above and below grade operation, float function, and “dig-to-blade” movement. Our fuel-saving, load-sensing hydraulic system has the capacity to increase travel performance and digging forces compared to competitive models. Plus, the Cat C2.4 turbo diesel engine consistently delivers maximum performance throughout a wide speed range.

Improved Operator Efficiency

The compact design of the new Cat 306 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator enhances operator comfort, convenience, and safety. A sealed and pressurized cab includes both heating and air-conditioning to improve operator comfort regardless of outside temperatures on the job site. Additionally, it’s roll over protective structure (ROPS), tip over protective structure (TOPS), and top guard come together to establish a safe work environment.

Operators can seamlessly switch from conventional lever/foot-pedal steering controls using our exclusive Cat Stick Steer system. Equipped with our Next Generation LCD monitor, the Cat 306 features easy-to-read machine information, jog-dial for simple navigation, and standard Bluetooth® capability. The monitor also enables operators to set customized preferences and provides critical operating details including fuel levels, coolant temperature, hour meter, performance adjustments, and maintenance monitoring.

Simple Service Lowers Costs

The new 6-ton class 306 shares common components with the other models in the Cat Next Generation CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator line to shorten maintenance intervals, decrease service time, and lower repair costs. Ground-level access to standard maintenance checkpoints makes daily service routines easier than ever before. Industry-leading grease intervals and extended filter service life also allow the Cat 306 CR Mini Excavator to spend less time in the shop for maintenance and get back to work faster.