Equipment Management Services

Cat Equipment Management Services keep your assets operating at the highest level. Stay on top of equipment monitoring, maintenance, and repairs to maintain high performance and low costs. Avoid unexpected failures that can cause accidents and jobsite injuries. Benchmark peak performance and measure progress with ongoing reports. Our technicians also offer expert advice on how to use data to identify operator training opportunities.


Asset Tracking

Remotely monitor equipment location and hours in use. Tracking activity across multiple sites lets you pinpoint opportunities to improve scheduling, identify under-utilization, and plan maintenance.

S·O·S℠ Fluid Analysis

Predict the health of your assets with an S·O·S℠ Fluid Analysis. Sampling and testing the condition of oil, fuel, and coolants gives you a better idea of your machine’s condition, so you can take proactive steps to prevent failures and maintain production.

Fleet Benchmarking Report

Get a monthly report of asset fault codes, run time, fuel burn, and idle time. The easy-to-read summary gives you a clear fleet overview and sorts each asset by serial number. Track performance and compare your averages to similar assets operating in your region to uncover any operational issues.

Condition Monitoring

Compile asset data, fluid analysis, inspection results, and more for a big-picture view of your fleet. You’ll receive custom notifications and recommendations when an asset needs your attention.

Equipment Inspections

Maximize uptime by conducting regular assessments of your fleet. Our technicians perform thorough inspections of your equipment and send over their findings in a detailed report. Get expert recommendations on how to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Maintenance Execution

Free up your team and reduce downtime. We’ll create a planned maintenance schedule based on your specific needs.

Maintenance and Repair Execution

Make service and repair costs predictable so you can better manage budgets and schedules. Get all planned maintenance services and component repairs at a fixed cost for the life of your covered equipment.

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