Cat Electric Power SpecSizer 2.0

Caterpillar Electric Power recently introduced the latest commercial and industrial generator set sizing software, Cat® Electric Power SpecSizer. SpecSizer 2.0 examines factors based on your site conditions, load characteristics, and required performance in order to provide accurate technical data and help you find the proper generator set size.

Several new features put the SpecSizer 2.0 on top as a revolutionary tool in generator set sizing. The updated project screen simplifies the required information needed to allow you to size your project faster than ever before. Plus, the right click functionality on the load screen allows you to instantly move, copy, or delete loads from your projects. Loads can also be added to a project with the drag and drop feature on the new ‘Add Load’ page.

Additional SpecSizer 2.0 features include:

  • Migration to the cloud with easy-to-add features to improve user experience and maintain data security
  • Updated file structure for project organization
  • Improved project sharing
  • Upgraded project reports
  • Ability to toggle between gas and diesel gensets on the ‘Select Generator Set’ page

With the load optimization feature, SpecSizer 2.0 can provide recommendations on how to minimize the generator set size. The enhanced software can also analyze your loads using a proprietary algorithm to recommend a new load distribution and assist in selecting the right generator set size for all of your power needs.