Cat Inspect App Features & Benefits

More than one million inspections are completed each year, providing convenience and accountability to construction and power equipment owners. Our new Cat Inspect App turns your Android or iOS mobile device into an easy-to-use inspection tool that eliminates the need for paper inspections. With Cat Inspect, you can schedule inspections, review data, and share results whenever and wherever you want. The Cat Inspect App features and benefits include:

Digital Inspections

Create custom forms for all of your inspections and save time with auto-populated equipment data. When scheduling inspections on the Cat Inspect App, you can also choose from the following three types.

  • Equipment Inspections allow you to search by serial numbers.
  • Site inspections include buildings, storage, and contamination control.
  • S•O•SSM fluid analysis reports better understand equipment condition.


Share Information

Digital inspections provide information in real time that you can easily view, retain, and print. Assign inspections to your team members and evaluate inspection results online, anytime, and anywhere. The mobile app also allows you to share on-the-go notes, images, videos, comments, and additional asset information. You can even use Cat Inspect Web, the companion web application for Cat Inspect when working from your computer.

Prioritize Repairs

Actionable items with Red, Yellow, Green, or Gray ratings can be quickly identified to help you prioritize repairs based on inspection results. The Cat Inspect App can also be used for both Cat equipment and equipment from other manufacturers. Your construction equipment easily integrates with My.Cat.Com and VisionLink®, while Cat Inspect for Electric Power works with My.Cat.Com and Cat Connect Remote Asset Monitoring.

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