Caterpillar Expands Next Generation Mini Excavators with Six New Models

Caterpillar’s® extensive range of Next Generation mini excavators has expanded with the addition of six new 7-to-10 ton models. The latest next generation mini hydraulic excavators are designed for maximum customizability, made specifically for your business’s needs from a large selection of basic configurations. Standard features such as fuel-efficient engines, load sensing hydraulics, and the exclusive Cat Stick-Steer system are also included to provide customers with the best value in terms of performance, operator experience, serviceability, and affordability.

The new Next Generation 7-10 ton mini hydraulic excavators include the 307.5 (standard tail swing model with a fixed boom), 308 CR (compact radius model with swing boom), 308 CR VAB (variable angle, two-piece swing boom), 309 CR (new, mini range model with compact radius, swing boom, and high flow auxiliary hydraulics), 309 CR VAB (expanded 309 capability with variable angle boom), and the 310 (new, fixed-boom, standard tail swing, and twin blade cylinders model).

Operator Environment

All Cat Next Generation mini hydraulic excavators are designed to emphasize operator comfort, convenience, and safety. New models are fitted with sealed and pressurized cabs to promote a clean environment with redesigned air conditioning systems to ensure all-weather climate control. Standard suspension seating and adjustable wrist rests are also included.

An easy-to-read, Next Generation LCD monitor features a jog-dial for simple machine navigation as well as personal settings for specific operating preferences. A standard control-pattern changer increases operator adaptability to favored joystick movements. Large front windows are able to slide upward and store overhead in addition to the ample glass areas on the sides and rear of the cab, skylight, and rear camera for 360° visibility. Halogen boom and optional LED lights illuminate the work area for enhanced field of vision in all work conditions.

Cat Stick Steer systems are exclusive to the Next Generation models, allowing the operator to switch between conventional lever/foot-pedal steering and low-effort joystick controls. Protective ROPS, TOPS, and top guard structures promote a safe work environment for the operator with controls protected via hydraulic lockout.

Premium Performance

Efficient, fuel-saving, load-sensing hydraulic systems with electronically controlled variable-displacement piston pump, capable of oil flows to 44 gpm (167 L/min) in the 307.5 and 308 models and 62 gpm (233 L/min) in the 309 and 310 models. These flow rates, combined with high main-relief pressures, give the new Next Generation 7-10 ton mini hydraulic excavators increased travel performance, higher digging and lifting forces, and the ability to handle powered attachments.

For increased versatility, the standard auxiliary hydraulic system – complete with quick-disconnect lines – provides one-way, two-way, and continuous flows. Manual and hydraulic couplers are available as well as thumb-ready packages and a certified lifting eye for the new models. Front-shovel can also be accomplished with pin-on and coupler-mounted buckets. A dozer blade allows the machines to handle backfilling and grading tasks, expanding the machine’s already extensive capabilities with ample travel, above and below grade, and float functions included.

Heavy-Duty Excavating for the Next Generation

The 7-10 ton Next Generation mini hydraulic excavators give you the power and versatility you need for even the toughest jobs. Optimal operator comfort and improved performance from previous excavators make the 307.5, 308 CR, 308 CR VAB, 309 CR, 309 CR VAB or 310 the perfect choice when deciding to upgrade your heavy duty fleet.

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