Cat Excavators


No matter what type of work you do - excavation, trenching, or truck loading - Cat® Excavators deliver top performance, unmatched versatility, and excellent fuel efficiency. Cat Excavators feature the latest innovative technology to provide you with power and performance to keep your business growing.


Saves you time

Saves you money

Decreases the workload on employees

Use with different Cat attachments

Easy to transport

Easy to operate


Superior performance

And more






Swimming pools

And more

Snow plowing

Moving large objects and materials


Canal dredging


Site cleanup

And so much more!

Designed to get into the smallest of spaces, the mini Cat excavator offers power and versatility at every turn. If you are a landscaping or a construction company that primarily does work for residential customers, the mini excavator is for you. Yet, these small machines pack a mighty punch, able to handle bigger jobs as well, such as installing septic systems and the like. Get in touch with Hawthorne Cat today.

Modern Caterpillar excavators are designed to go all day, every day. With the proper maintenance, this piece of heavy equipment will last for decades. Boasting a Cat C3.6 engine with 98 HP, you can expect top-rated performance, an improved fuel efficiency, and lower maintenance costs. With a push-button stop, this heavy equipment will be a breeze to operate. Browse our small excavators today.

Our Cat medium-sized excavators have ample power to get the job done. These popular excavators are reliable and able to work in all types of terrain. Caterpillar's track guiding guard ensures the excavator track can handle any slope, while the sloped track frame helps to keep mud and debris from accumulating, prolonging the life of the undercarriage and track. Shop with Hawthorne Cat today.

Large excavators are designed to handle your immense projects from start to finish. Able to excavate and move tons of material easily, you'll love this machine's advanced hydraulic systems, factory equipped technology, and multiple attachment options that make performing multiple tasks easy. Check out all of Hawthorne Cat's large excavators either in-person or online today!

For those in the demolition business, you understand how demolishing buildings can take its toll on your heavy equipment. Here at Hawthorne Cat, we are proud to offer you demolition excavators that are specifically designed to take the beating this kind of work enacts. With a straight boom and higher reach, these pieces of Cat machinery will have no problem taking down your next project. Shop our selection today!

Let's face it, not everything is within easy reach when you are building a high-rise building, mining for coal or diamonds, or digging up tree roots. Be it the terrain that is difficult to navigate or you just want to get more work done without having to move constantly, Caterpillar's long-reach excavators are for you. Featuring long booms, you are sure to get into those hard-to-reach places. Shop Hawthorne Cat today!