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Hawthorne Cat’s Maintenance Tips to Reduce Repair Costs

1. Turn on the Telematics

It is important to utilize technology and telematics to identify small issues before they become big problems. Telematics can help ensure your equipment maintenance stays on track, while keeping an eye on other repair cost drivers, such as idle time and operator performance. Even the most basic operating systems provide information about daily fault codes, and you can set up email or text alerts to receive notifications immediately if anything goes wrong.

2. Set a Schedule

When you’re busy managing multiple projects and jobsites, it’s easy to overlook your fleet maintenance. Keeping your regular maintenance on schedule is the best way to confront increasing repair costs. In fact, some studies show regular preventive maintenance can cut your repair costs by 25 percent. Every machine should come with an operation and maintenance manual that outlines the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. However, if you’re operating in challenging weather or site conditions, it may be necessary to perform maintenance more frequently.

3. Reduce Idle Time

Idling can put unproductive hours on a machine’s engine, causing units to wear out more quickly. Decreasing idle time can keep your equipment maintenance on schedule so you can cut costs and downtime. Take advantage of features like auto-idle technology or auto shutdown systems as well as telematics to track your idle time.

4. Run it Right

One of the easiest ways to avoid unnecessary repairs is to make sure all operators are trained properly and up to speed on the best operating practices for every machine. Operators should take the time to conduct a thorough walkaround and check for any potential issues before getting into the cab. Additionally, telematics can alert you of any operator techniques that may lead to costly repairs.

5. Invest in a Maintenance Plan

The cost of replacement parts and maintenance services can really add up. Planned maintenance plans often provide a fixed cost for equipment services at regularly scheduled intervals to reduce operating costs and prevent unexpected downtime. Hawthorne Cat’s Performance Pro Maintenance Plans can help you save time and money on the parts and services you need to keep your fleet up and running.