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Importance of Heavy Equipment Service & Maintenance

Heavy equipment is engineered to last decades — with the proper care and maintenance. Because let’s face it, if you never replaced the oil, changed out the tires or tracks, or took care of the hydraulics, eventually your machine would fail. Hawthorne Cat is a Caterpillar dealer with locations in San Diego, Saipan, Guam, American Samoa, or Hawaii. Below, we’ll go over the importance of heavy equipment service and maintenance.

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Keeps Operating Costs Low

Operating heavy machinery can be costly. From the fuel to the fluids and the cost of the operator, there’s a lot at stake with heavy machinery. By investing in preventative maintenance, you can ensure your engine doesn’t blow or your hydraulics rupture, keeping your repair costs low and manageable.

Reduces Equipment Downtime

Downtime is directly proportional to the length of the repair. When your machine is sitting in a shop for repairs and is not running, you’re not making money. You could have an operator sitting and the job could be delayed — all costing you money. With preventative maintenance, you can minimize downtime substantially.

Prolongs the Life of  Your Machine

Major repairs take their toll on your heavy equipment, impacting their long-term operational efficiency and lifespan. When you take care of your machine, ensuring its component parts are well-lubricated and the parts fit like a glove by using Genuine Cat parts, your machine will keep its resale value and continue to perform the tasks you ask it to do for years to come.

Keeps Everyone Safe

When a major failure happens on a job site, your crew could be at risk, especially with an excavator or when material is being lifted and moved. You want to ensure your machine is reliable and steadfast at every job. Plus, if fluids start to leak onto the ground, you could be looking at an environmental hazard. Sudden equipment failure is usually a major repair — something you want to avoid at all times.


Hawthorne Cat is your go-to Caterpillar dealer in San Diego, Saipan, Guam, American Samoa, and Hawaii. Since 1956, we’ve been serving these communities proudly, supplying the new, used, and rental heavy equipment they need to improve their corner of the world. We boast a world-class service department and offer Genuine Cat parts at all of our Cat Parts Stores. With our technology, your jobs will be smooth, efficient, and save you money. Learn more about our CVAs (Customer Value Agreements) that can save you on maintenance costs, and contact us today!

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